There is more here than you'll probably have time to look through in advance, but you may also find these to be useful over time. Start by looking through this extraordinary Interactive Notebooks Overview. There's tons and tons of wonderful conceptual and practical info here.

Here are links to materials that Meira and Neema (a McCormack Civics in Action teacher) have created to support students' notebook development and use.

[Note that I included both of these just so you could see a more streamlined (but also more necessarily teacher-directed) version in Fall 2005, and a more directive (but also therefore enabling greater student independence) in Spring 2006.]

Here's a link to Neema's ppt where she teaches students about the IN and how to set hers up. You'll see there are also links to many other teachers' ppts about the IN. There are fabulous resources here. Don't reinvent the wheel!
PowerPoints teaching students about IN and how to set one up

Assessment with and of Interactive Notebooks

Avid IN 3-point and 5-point Assessment

Turn-in Space for Resident Interactive Notebook Goals, Design, and Lesson Plan: