(Laurel's independent reading activity)

Group Activities, Exercises, Games, and Initiatives

Brainstormed Ideas to Meet First Days Goals:

Building Relationships and Creating Community
Square building exercise
Write letters from me to them, from them to me, and respond to theirs
Name game
Summer bingo
Guess the student - 1 thing nobody knows on paper and figure out who it is
Hot seat
Class constitution
I am poem/Who am I?
Identity artifacts
Allowing community members within content
Safety guidelines
I am from poem
Roles (i.e. table leaders, note takers, etc.)
Bringing in cultural food
Groupwork projects
Class challenges/rewards

Sharing Expectations
Hang posters w/rules and consequences
Co-create rules with students
Create a democratic class in which students create their own class expectations/rules
Class contract
Class constitution
Model and practice routines: how to enter the class, how to ask for help, seating for different projects, how to interact and hold discussions
Harry Wong
"Things you think you know" lesson
Mid-term refresher quiz
Consistent expectations
Mini-lesson w/ powerpoint
Roles for activities

Developing Self-Advocacy/Confidence/Efficacy
Phone call home to teacher
Open conversations with upperclassmen
Creating a protocol for what self-advocacy looks like
Reading their IEPs/504 plans and restating needs in own words
Involvement of parents
Reflective readings and writing
RAFT (Role, Audience, Format, Time)
Make assignments personal whenever possible
Give students the opportunities to perform in front of the class/express ideas in different ways
"Smart is not what you's what you are" poster
Make sure (in beginning esp.) everyone can succeed on assignments so everyone can experience success

Turn-in Space for First Days Lesson Plans: